13 Things To Do On Your Birthday!

If it’s your birthday, besides throwing a birthday bash for yourself, celebrating and receiving lots and lots of presents, what else can you do? 13 others! Here you go…

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13 Things To Do On Your Birthday, Besides The Birthday Party…

1. Send a thank you card. To this person who have once made a difference to your life. Expressing gratitude helps us to be more conscious of what we can be thankful for. Why not do it on your birthday?

2. Reset your priorities. Which area(s) in your life have you taken more responsibility on in the past year(s)? What other areas would you like to focus more on this year? For example, if you have neglected your health and emphasised on your career, perhaps it’s time to reset your priorities this year.

3. Note the changes. What have you changed over the year? Is it for the better or not? Are you happy with the change? For example, your body shape, your financial status, your relationship.

4. Buy a gift. When you are accustomed to receiving birthday gifts, why not do something different this year? Buy yourself a gift! When is the best time to give yourself the best reason to grab that item which you have been eyeing on for soooo looong?

5. Buy someone a gift. Birthdays don’t have to be about yourself only. Why not buy a gift for this person who have made you most happy to be alive? The joy you get from doing this could potentially be more than you receiving a gift from the same person.

6. Get a new hairstyle. Yes! For guys and gals. If you aren’t a very brave person, then go for something milder, which you know you will be able to accept and still feel good about it. Maybe a change in colour? Or just give yourself a fringe? How about a more layered cut instead of the flat-side-parting style that you have spotted for the last decade?

7. Celebrate. I know, this shouldn’t be in this list. But, I’m talking about a different sort of celebration. Celebrate the fact that you are celebrating your birthday. Celebrate the things you already have in your life. Celebrate by telling others how blessed you are. Just celebrate, deep inside your heart.

8. Attend a performance. If you haven’t been to a musical before, go for one. Attend your favourite artiste’s concert, if they happen to be in town. If your budget allows, then buy yourself a premium seat, for once. Go with a partner if you prefer to have company.

9. Start being environmental friendly. If you find this too troublesome and incurring too many inconveniences in your life, think about how this world is going to be if the rate of waste continues. There will never be a good time to start an initiative like this. So, maybe beginning it on your birthday could be a good motivating factor!

10. Create your to-do list. Yes, depending on the year of birthday you are celebrating, create your own list of Things To Do On Your Nth Birthday! If you are celebrating your 30th birthday this year, then write down 30 things you like to do. Make sure you clear them when you celebrate your 31st birthday, ok?

11. Be a child. What did you do when you were a kid? What were your favourite activities, games, sports etc? Do them again on your birthday. After all, you are celebrating the day of your birth, isn’t it?

12. Call. Call your old friends, people whom you haven’t been in touch with for a period of time but who used to be your buddies and say “Hi”. You don’t have to remind them it’s your birthday, if you don’t want to.

13. Wishes! We all make birthday wishes. Instead of waiting for the sky to drop those wishes onto our laps, why not write them down and ask your close friends, family and loved ones to fulfill them for you on this special day? When they do, give them a bear hug and be really, really appreciative and thankful.

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